About Direct2florist

About Direct2florist

The service that gives flower senders a better value option

Canadian flower senders are rapidly discovering Direct2florist, a family-owned and operated business created in February 2007 to connect the flower buying public directly with local florists around the globe.

As florists ourselves – we owned a chain of florist shops in Northwest England - we were tired of being unable to provide the quality of bouquets we wanted to simply because the likes of Interflora, eflorist and Flowers Direct had taken a huge chunk of money as commission, often up to a massive 40% of the order value.

Instead, we created a new a way for florists to send orders. Florist2florist was a collection of like-minded independent florists who were fed up of the profiteering of the big companies, who could send orders to each other delivery in the UK, without the customer losing any of their order value. Bigger, better bouquets using higher grade flowers was the result, with customers getting better value for money and florists being able to produce the sort of work that they had craved to do for many years.

Out of florist2florist, consumers started asking us for a website where they could order directly from local florists wherever they wanted to have flowers delivered, with no commission being ripped out of orders. Happy to oblige, Direct2florist was set up, now connecting 3,500 florists in 14 countries with a rapidly growing customer base who enjoy the following:

  • Unbeatable value as we guarantee that not one cent is taken out of the flower value of an order

  • The ability to select the shop of their choice based on individual pricing, personalised information and photos of the shop and the designs produced by the talented florists

  • The ability of florists to show off their individual flair and creativity as they are not bound by corporate rules and regulations of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

  • The opportunity to deal directly with a real florist, any time, any place, online

  • The Direct2Florist belief that only other charge you will ever pay with Direct2florist is the transmission fee, which is a contribution to our operational costs

In short, Direct2Florist has created a revolutionary, value-for-money way to send flowers where the consumer is in control. No wonder we’re one of the world’s fastest-growing floral gift firms.

Real customer ratings

Customers matter to us, which is why we have a rating system that ensures floristry standards remain high. After every order, we encourage customers to rate their chosen florist out of five, with the score and any comments made public. This ensures the florist maintains high standards with each and every order. Customer reviews matter, which is why we believe so heavily in this way of working.

Direct2florist – thinking differently

Direct2florist likes to do business differently to other “order gathering” services and organisations, where prices are set by the central organisation, without reference to the individual florists, and are applied throughout a country without taking into account individual shop overheads or regional costs. This results in higher prices across the board.

To make matters worse, as little as 60% of the total amount spent by you, the customer, goes to the shop delivering the flowers after a commission is taken out. We don’t think that’s right so we don’t do it, meaning it’s easy to see why Direct2florist ensures customers receive better value for money and a better service.