Send Flowers on Mother's Day in Canada by Local Florists

After all her hard work throughout the rest of the year, there's one day when mums everywhere deserve the opportunity to be treated like the superstar that she is. That day is of course Mother's Day and if there's one gift that's sure to make her day it has to be a stunning delivery of flowers.

Provided by Direct2florist

The history of presenting or sending flowers on Mothering Sunday is a long one - today it's one being kept alive by the talented professional florists who make up the Direct2florist network across Canada.

Those florists are on hand to deliver the perfect gift tom your mum, with a huge selection of different present ideas available. From perfectly formed planted designs, through to traditional bouquets using seasonal flowers and on to modern, sculptural ideas, there's a Mother's Day gift for every mum... guaranteed. Plus, a full range of add-on products, including chocolates and champagne can also be delivered with the flowers, ensuring your gift is one your mum simply won't forget.

Whether you will be with your mum or not on Mothering Sunday, a Delivery of flowers is the perfect declaration of love - nothing beats the moment when she opens the door to see one of our florists delivering your gift - just check out the smile on her face this Mothering Sunday if you don't believe us.

When it comes to choosing the right people for your Mother's Day flowers, you've come to the right place. At Direct2florist we give you unbeatable value for money, simply because we don’t take a large percentage of your order value in fees. Ever sent some flowers and thought there should be more blooms for your money? That’s because other companies take up to 30% of your order in commission. We promise not to do this ensuring luck recipients receive more flowers. Plus, because we only use real florists (we don’t believe in mass-produced packhouse flowers), you’re assured of a design that’s personally made by skilled florists.

So, for the perfect Mother's Day gift, look no further than Direct2florist and have a local florist hand deliver to the magical woman in your life.