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New Westminster Floral Co

335 Columbia St, New Westminster, British Columbia, V3L 3W8, Canada -

4.93 out of 5 based on 14 user ratings

(14 reviews) 99.29% positive

Money Tree

Mr and Mrs Smith sent me a picture of the flowers and they looked beautiful, they were delighted with them. I wouldn't normally send flowers direct but I would definitely use this florist again.

2nd Dec

Seems to be very good service,will use agin

27th Nov


14th Nov

We sent some flowers to my sister in Toronto. We literally looked at dozens of different arrangements/bouquets online but were unsure how many varieties of flowers would actually be available in November. We decided to go with the "Florist's Choice" option, where they choose the freshest and best available blooms for the bouquets. My sister was delighted with the flowers she received and said they were beautiful and very fresh too. The flowers were provided and delivered by Flowers by Sophie in Toronto. We would recommend them based upon this experience. We ordered them online in the UK and they were delivered a few hours later in Canada.

11th Nov

Great service

7th Nov

One happy bunny

6th Nov

beautiful flower organization

2nd Nov

Thank you for changing the potted plants you delivered at first, to cut flowers which the recipient prefered.

31st Oct

I live in the UK and my sister-in-law lives in Waterdown near Toronto. She recently had a minor accident and my wife and I wanted to send her some flowers. I searched the internet for a Canadian florist and found Holden's where I placed my order. I received a very pleasant email in return updating me on the order and then that it had been delivered. Top class service all round and I highly recommend them for reliabilty and courtesy.

28th Oct

The flowers arrived promptly as requested and the recipient was delighted with the fresh and pretty display. Thank you, Lindsey

22nd Oct

Arranged delivery from Dublin Ireland to Toronto Canada Great Quality of flowers & delivered on time....

17th Oct

Great service. Thank you

10th Oct

The flowers were beautiful. Thank you

9th Oct

Absolutely breathtaking flower arrangement.

7th Oct

First class service. Delivered on same day as ordered. Flowers were beautiful.

6th Oct

I live in the UK and have used this florist to send flowers to my sister in Canada on numerous occasions - now would not go anywhere else at all as they do the most sthnnin bouquets for a really reasonable price. Excellent service, fantastic arrangements, thank you so much

30th Sep

Excellent service, it was my sister???s 100th birthday!!, Luckily I was on a video call to my sister, when the vase of flowers, plus a teddy and balloon ,where delivered . It was wonderful to see her face light up, it really made my day. The flower display was beautiful . Thank you Brant Florist Richard Bottell

20th Sep

Absolutely beautiful flowers. Easy to order and delivered on time.. will definitely use again.

5th Sep

My sister and brother in law were delighted with flowers. Efficient servic3 and delivered right on time

3rd Sep

Flowers arrived on time and were described as beautiful. Thank you

1st Sep

Order within > 6 hours and 6 minutes > for delivery on SATURDAY in Canada

Money Tree

The Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree will send wishes for good fortune and positive outcomes to your special recipient. This lush tree has been growing for 10 years with a beautiful braided trunk to grant luck and serenity with its exceptional style. This Good Luck Tree is a token of good luck and is rumored to bring you wealth, good fortune, and overall success. It is a popular choice in offices and homes due to the fact that is incredibly low maintenance. Its most often used name, Money Tree, refers to a story where a poor man prayed for good fortune, found a money tree, brought it home, and then became enormously wealthy by selling the plants he grew from its seed. A classic houseplant that is perfect for the home or office. The Money Tree thrives in low light conditions and will flourish indoors for years. This easy-care houseplant can be trained to stay small based on the size of the container in which it is grown. * Money tree grows well in bright indirect sunlight * Use a sandy soil that allows for proper drainage. * Keep your Money Tree plant in a pot with holes to allow for drainage. * Water once every two to three weeks, but water until excess water drains from the holes in the pot. Then, dump any excess water out of the tray. * Fertilizing once or twice a year is all that is necessary. * Your Money Tree prefers humid areas with indirect sunlight.

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